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May 25 2017


At Ladies-only Spa SlimSpa Each Woman Can Benefit from Outstanding and Extremely Efficient Lpg Endermologie Slim Treatments

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – May 17th 2017 – SlimSpa, a second to none ladies-only spa that offers unique non-invasive treatments for body sculpting, weight-loss, cellulite reduction, anti-ageing and rejuvenating, helps every woman to achieve fabulous results in an incredible short span of time. Being in the business for more than 16 years, these beauty and wellness experts, offer an extensive range of services that can meet all the requirements and specific demands of modern women who prefer the new technology instead of painful and perilous surgery procedures. Striving to offer exclusively the finest facilities, these highly regarded experts combine their impressive know-how in the industry with revolutionary fat removal technology driven machines to ensue brilliant slimming results. Thus, here, one can take the full advantages of the bespoke velashape dubai treatments that are simple adored by their charming clientele because it functions based on infrared and radio frequency energy, fact that allows it do considerably reduce the fat and cellulite in the most comfortable and even pleasant ways. Additionally, this amazing practice owns other cost effective and extremely efficient apparatus that can bring outstanding results in 4-8 week and among the most valued ones are their state-of-the-art LPG machines, including lpg endermologie, an FDA recommended treatment for body contouring and cellulite elimination. Besides, one should know that apart from paying attention to the modern equipment, these connoisseurs, make sure that their therapist receive the latest trainings and are up to date with all the most recent approaches that can result in remarkable results. There is no need any more to spend endless time in the gym or endure really risky surgical treatments in order to have a stunningly looking silhouette. With the incredible help of SlimSpa experts that use the most advanced and noninvasive slim machineries and technologies among which are the renowned Cavitation ones, every single lady can effortlessly and rapidly get rid of unwanted fat on face, neck, hips, stomach, arms and literally all the body parts. Looking great is not an unachievable dream anymore! About SlimSpa SlimSpa is a one stop ladies-only spa that is headquartered in Al Attar Tower in Dubai that focuses on providing an impressive selection of non-invasive fat removal and cosmetology services such as: full body slimming, spot fat reduction, inch loss, cellulite reduction, tone & tighten, slimming massages, facials and hair fall. For over 16 years, these professionals use the best solutions and the latest appliances to provide perfect results. One of their most appreciated procedure widely used by ladies today is fat freezing dubai. Contacts Company: SlimSpa Address: 206 Al Attar Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Phone number: +971 4 321 3485 +971 4 343 7987 Email: info@slimspa.ae Website: https://slimspa.ae ;

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